SoYummy: Signature caramel-coated Popcorn.

Project Type
Branding & UX Design

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About the Project

So Yummy Popcorn, founded in 2016, delights Nigeria with hand-popped, signature caramel-coated popcorn. It’s a snack of pride, perfectly crafted to satisfy with every bite. Committed to quality, So Yummy is a household name for delectable treats that bring joy to any occasion or just your everyday snack time.quis ultrices. Ac urna magnis pellentesque imperdiet tortor facilisi rhoncus eni

The Problem

The Nigerian snack market is saturated yet paradoxically underserved when it comes to high-quality, culturally resonant treats that can be personalized for special occasions. Consumers are looking for more than just a snack; they want a snack experience that feels personal and celebratory

Market Gap

The snack market often lacks locally-made, quality treats that capture the essence of Nigerian taste and pride.


Popcorn variety needs

There’s a deficit of personalized snack options for special events, leaving a niche for bespoke treat customization.

User Pain Point

We need more popcorn variety
I wish I could serve popcorn as a premium snack

Ouch! I just cracked my teeth through the corn


My design process commenced with in-depth market research, identifying key user requirements and pet care service gaps. Iterative design iterations followed, integrating user feedback to refine a user-centric interface. This approach ensured the creation of an intuitive, responsive design that addresses the real needs of Popcorn lovers and Snack makers


Here are some of the deliverables I created for SoYummy Popcon

Project Highlights

New Popcorn Flavours

New Popcorn Flavours

SoYummy has now launched 2 of the 3 flavours we visualised for them. It is now a premium snacks company
Brand Identity Systems

Brand Identity Systems

I created a solid Brand Identity system that has helped them structure the digital touchpoints and online experience
Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

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Ad Creaives

Ad Creaives

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Was an absolute delight seeing our visions and ideas come to life

Dave Cameron
Dave Cameron

Co-founder @ Flash

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