SearchTag: Never Be Stranded Again.

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UI/UX Design


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About the Project

SearchTag is an app similar to your phone’s contact list that helps you find someone on your contact list who offers the service you need.

Business is easier with people you already know, and many times even cheaper. Before you go searching outside, find someone on your contact list who offers the service you need

The Problem

SearchTag solves the problem of forgetting to refer friends for job opportunities.
You may have had an instance where you forgot to refer your friend for an opportunities they would have been perfect for. This is the problem SearchTag solves. 
Here are some of the main problems people face regarding Job opportunities


Who knows who?

Getting a referral from a friend is way easier than searching worldwide for a reliable person.

Who works where?

There’s a struggle sometimes to find someone who works in a particular company, organization or startup.


Expensive ads

Small business owners and service providers sometimes need help to get more customers and spend lots of money on ads to get them. Where as visibility can just be as easy as staying top of mind

User Pain Point

Who knows a Graphic Designer that is reliable?
Who do I know that works at (insert company name)

I know I have a friend that fits this job role, I just can’t remember who at the moment!


The scope of my work was refining the product idea/concept, identifying potential use cases, defining relevant features, designing the mobile app’s interface and crafting the experience Here are the processes I undertook: Research, User interviews, Sketches and ideas, High Fidelity Usability Testing/ Prototyping, Feedback Implementations


Here are a few of the deliverables and screens I designed for SearchTag

Project Result

App is Live on Google Playsotre

App is Live on Google Playsotre

The SearchTag app was successfully deployed for Beta, and can be downloaded right now on Playstore

Successful Usability Tests

Successful Usability Tests

With the prototype I developed for SearchTag, they were able to run several user tests to refine the product before launch
Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

SearchTag has gone on to win some awards and grants, with notable mentions in the News
Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit

SearchTag had over 300 downloads, with raving and satisfied users In the first week of beta launch. Talk about product market fit

We absolutely loved working with Enioluwa. His process was indepth & His designs and flows were so easy our users had no troubles getting started

EwaOluwa Ojo
EwaOluwa Ojo

Co-founder @ SearchTag

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