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UI/UX Design

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About the Project

Kennel Pride is an innovative web platform where dog owners in Nigeria connect with veterinary professionals and access various services for their pets.

They are dedicated to ensuring affordability, convenience, and a centralized service offering, all while fostering a community for dog enthusiasts nationwide.

The Problem

Despite Nigeria’s growing dog population, pet care remains fragmented and inefficient.


Inability to find on demand dog care service providers

Dogs also fall ill at odd hours, need to be groomed on bad hair days, But there are no platforms to find these services on demand

No Credible platform for Dog owners to Sell or buy dogs

With an increase in corruption, it’s sometimes hard to find good dog breeders to purchase healthy dogs from. And no dedicated platform to sell and buy dogs

Home owners away, what happens to Dog?

What happens to our furry friends when we have to travel, who looks after them. Many people resort to putting their dogs at Vet clinics, which may have other animals and a specialized care might not be given to the dog

User Pain Point

Where can i find a Vet doctor for my dog at this time?

I’m traveling for the weekend, where will Pongo stay?

I need to buy toys for my puppy


My design process commenced with in-depth market research, identifying key user requirements and pet care service gaps. Iterative design iterations followed, integrating user feedback to refine a user-centric interface. This approach ensured the creation of an intuitive, responsive design that addresses the real needs of Nigerian dog owners and pet care professionals


Here are some of the deliverables I created for KennelPride

Project Highlights

Number One Dog Care Startup

Number One Dog Care Startup

My work with KennelPride helped them become a great force in Nigeria. With Great user experience and positioning, KennelPride grew to be the Number One Dog Care Company in Nigeria from 2017 – 2020
More Jobs Available

More Jobs Available

With the success of KennelPride, many more jobs are now available to many. Regular people can earn a living being Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters and more
Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

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Platform Development

Platform Development

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Enny worked on our website and branding, and how we knew how great of a job he did was when we launched our site, hadnt done a single promotion but closed a sale in 6 figures

Paul Israel
Paul Israel

Co-founder @ KennelPride

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