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Flust App
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UI/UX Design

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About the Project

Flustapp empowers personal accountability through screen monitoring and sharing features. Flustapp helps accountability by randomly capturing screenshots of your screen and sharing them with a partner, spouse, friend, or Spiritual Leader

The Problem

People struggle with repeated exposure to unhealthy web content which could lead to destructive habits and addictions, and they seek ways to uphold their commitment to responsible browsing. The invasive nature of ads and harmful suggestions poses a threat to user integrity, prompting a call for a system that supports their accountability and digital well-being..
Here are some of the main problems people face regarding their digital well-being


Lack of effective accountability apps

There aren’t many apps that enforce Safe search and encourage transparency with phone usage with an accountability partner


Intrusive Ads

Intrusive ads and suggestions often disrupt browsing experiences, exposing users to potentially damaging content unwittingly.

Innefective Adult content Web Filters

Many apps that claim to help block adult content while you browse dont do it effectively, and users most times find ways to bypass this

User Pain Point

I need a way to be held accountable with my phone usage.
I keep visiting bad websites even after i said i wont.
I see so many harmful Ads and suggestions popup when I’m browsing


The scope of my work was refining the product idea/concept, identifying potential use cases, defining relevant features, designing the mobile app’s interface and crafting the experience Here are the processes I undertook: Research, User interviews, Sketches and ideas, High Fidelity Usability Testing/ Prototyping, Feedback Implementations


Here are some of the deliverables I created for Flust App

Project Results

Successful Usability Tests

Successful Usability Tests

The Flust app was successfully deployed for Beta, and with the prototype I developed for they were able to run several user tests to refine the product before launch
Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Flust app has gone on to win some awards and grants, with notable mentions in the News
Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

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Platform Development

Platform Development

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Now i feel free to use the internet knowing that someone has my back, sees me and keeps me accountable

Phillip Obisesan
Phillip Obisesan
Flustapp Beta Tester

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